Qashqai 2014 onwards Hatchbag

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Qashqai 2014 onwards Hatchbag

Post by DaveL » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:22 pm

If you haven't encountered the name, take a look at

This is a black vinyl protector for the car's boot and was bought to dog-proof it. It's held in place by Velcro tabs that are sticky on one side. The "sticky" doesn't cause any damage to the vehicle and removes cleanly. How do I know? I just did it!

Mine is tailored for the boot with the sub-floor removed to maximise space for my tall dog (ex-racing greyhound) and has the flap to cover the rear seat tops to prevent nose-drip marks together with the roll-up flap that can be unrolled to cover the boot lip to prevent claws scratching the paint on entry/exit. The materials used are REALLY tough!

My humble opinion is that this is a brilliant bit of kit. Velcro fastenings make it easy to release attachment to the rear of the back seat row if the seats have to be folded down.

It's done a perfect job of keeping the boot in pristine condition from my mutt's attempts to contaminate it and when my car is traded tomorrow, there won't be a single dog hair in the boot and I won't have used the vac on it, either. It would also proof the boot from liquid spills by containing them.

Enough of my sales pitch; if interested, please take a look at Hatchbag's website. With the flaps etc. it cost me around £150 3 years ago. It's used but undamaged and I've given it a good wiping so it's pretty clean. For the car-proud, my asking price of £50 + post should prove to be a bargain. Guess what I'm buying for my new wheels? :D

Regards. DaveL

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