Loss of power

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Loss of power

Post by jordanmartin » Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:30 pm


2012 1.5 DCI Qashqai

So i'm driving to work early hours yesterday morning and then boom, car doesn't want to accelerate at all and the engine management light has lit up. The car felt as if it was in a fail safe/limp home mode, would not let me get above between 1500-2000 rpm and definitely did not like even the slightest incline. Only being 5 miles away, I managed to nurse the car home roughly 20mph and once the sun had come up I popped the bonnet to find the intake assy had split.

After calling many Nissan dealers, I managed to source a genuine part, £65 and a run around later I thought my problems were sorted. I fit the new part, started her up and everything was looking and sounding as it should. Maybe stupidly on my part I thought I would just go out for a little drive to see if all was well and it was. Car felt like it did before, happy days, lets get back home. About 1/2 mile from home, loss of power again but she seems to drop off a lot quicker this time, I pull over, turn the car off and start cussing. Tried to start back up and it does but almost seems very hard work to do so. I call the RAC thinking I wasn't a member so this will be expensive, only to find when I bought the car it was part of the deal. RAC guy runs his tests and clears the codes initially and trys to re-gen the dpf but it's not letting him do so. We try the car again but it barely starts, wont move at all and I'm towed home. The diagnostic report that he sent me reads the following:

P0471 - Exhaust gas pressure sensor 1
P0833 - Clutch switch signal consistency
P047B - Exhaust gas pressure sensor 2
P0380 - Preheating unit diagnostic connection
P0101 - Air flow sensor information
P047A - Exhaust gas pressure sensor

I hope someone can help me out here as I'm at a loose end. If anyone has experienced this or similar issues, please share your outcome or if anyone knows what my issue is, please share how I go about fixing this.

Thanks guys

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