Roof Rack J10 question!

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Roof Rack J10 question!

Post by Smonk01 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 7:34 am

Hi guys!

I just got a roof rack set and box (first time I put a roof rack on :roll: ) and I'm not sure if this really looks right...

the car is a J10 1,5 Dci 103hp Acenta . year 2008( no bars)

As you can see in the photos the holes for the screws are under the rubber protector.
In the roof rack instructions it says to put it under the rubber, but is stuck to the car and I would have to cut it at the back to put the rack under the rubber.
But not really sure if it should look like it does...

anyone got any ideas or had this problem before?





Qashqai 1.5 DCI 2008 J10

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Re: Roof Rack J10 question!

Post by Jokskot » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:19 am

I have similar roof rack on my J10 Qashqai. I cut a slit in the rubber just proud of where it goes into the channel, so that the side bracket and the screw holding it to the roof were behind the rubber door seal. The doors need slightly more force to close them but the fit seems OK. I suspect that with arrangement you show in your pics, closing might be more difficult because of the addtional thickness and could result in a (painted) metal to metal contact after the door is closed.
So far as I am aware once the rack is removed the cut will probably close and prevent water passing through.
One point you may like to consider is that I found the weld?? fixing the "nut" to the roof was not secure for one of the fixing points, so don't overtighten. The compressed ruber pressing against the screw head fill prevent it turning.
Hope this helps.
J :D

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