Front parking sensor comes on randomly

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Front parking sensor comes on randomly

Post by mrmatrix » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:27 am

It's happened 3 times - in about 3.5 weeks of driving.
The front right parking sensor bleeped and showed red on the display.
Nothing within 1 metre. Appeared momentarily only on each occasion.

Also... I had some sort of message saying 'front radar blocked' when coming to the end of a tunnel.
Message went away after about a minute of coming out of the tunnel.
(Not sure if tunnel had anything to do with it.)
(Maybe something could have flown onto the car and stuck to it momentarily - but didn't notice!)

Should I be concerned about?
How would I diagnose if there's a problem needing looking at?
I still have just over 2 month warranty cover for the vehicle... so anything niggly like this I would like to get sorted out ASAP.

I'll be giving the car a good wash tomorrow... maybe caused by dirt??
If so, hopefully that will get rid off + will inspect all sensors.


EDIT Just seen a video on youtube. The guy said you just clean with WD40 and problems solved. He had problems showing parking sensors showing faults. I guess this is the solution?

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Re: Front parking sensor comes on randomly

Post by calnorth » Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:34 am

Nissan have had problems with the forward radar in the past...see this: ... ng-system/

The issue usually is that the front bumper is dirty (driver side) and obscures the radar/sensors view. Throws false alarms

Or possibly the car system software may need to be updated....if an update exists? Recently that has occurred for 2017 vehicles.

Sometimes spurious responses occur...not often and dependant on may factors (speed/environment and so on)

So check with the dealer or Nissan Customer Services.
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