So long, and thanks for all the fish

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So long, and thanks for all the fish

Post by rod9669 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:49 pm

Brief summary of my 24 months, 52,000 miles with my 1.5 DCI NTEC+

Average MPG 48-49, although did get 70+ and sub 40 on occasions - the car really likes to be driven moderately on A roads, does not like to be pushed. Felt under-powered most of the time. IF I got another, I'd go for the 1.6

Very noisy on motorways, got a bit better once the original Continentals had been swapped out (went through 4 Conti's and 2 Avon's, nearly through 2 Michelin - got some part-worn Continentals cheap 2 weeks ago as the rear ones were on the limit). Had two slow punctures, never had to use the splodge. Still a lot of road / wind noise, seems to be coming from off-side rear but dealer can't find anything wrong

Two services at main dealer - only service items changed. No need for discs, pads or wiper blades - front or back.

Warranty work - had the recalls done and roof rail end caps, rattling air box, front washer jets and two alloy wheels due to "white worm", all sorted under warranty with no hassle. Good service from the dealer, but not impressed with quality of work / attention to detail of their technicians. Dealer couldn't find source of wind noise or clunking under drivers seat so had to put up with both annoyances. Also noticed that I have worn away the door seal on the sill drivers door - Nissan stated "wear and tear", hope the lease company think the same.

Paint system seems very soft - loads of marks from washing, stone chips, light scratches etc. Nightshade seems to be a popular choice, and doesn't show the dirt that badly.

Connect system is a joke - so limited in what it can do. Also crashed approx. half a dozen times for no apparent reason - stopping the vehicle and opening drivers door to reset it seemed to work, but can be frustrating when you're about 30 minutes into a 2 hour journey on the motorway and you lose all audio facilities.

In summary - loads of toys but built to a price - the Renault influence? Would I buy another - no, got a Kia Optima SW GT Line S instead.

Thanks for all of the information and posters on this site - a very knowledgeable bunch. Tried to find a similar one for the Optima, but it is very very quiet - whether that is because there are a lot less of them sold, or less queries time will tell

I'll still be keeping an eye in here, and will help with any questions if I can



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