Intermittant Comms ECU

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Intermittant Comms ECU

Post by tododo » Mon May 20, 2019 5:41 pm

Hi all

Took the missus car to the garage today due to a number of problems Nissan Qashqai J10

It has the amber and red engine management lights on, along with a start /stop fault error on the dashand the ESP light too wont go off!

The car has no power at higher speeds - is ambling

Anyway I plugged into the ECU and got the DPF soot error come up a few weeks ago- since then the red engine management light has come on and now the guy in the garage cant get any comms from the ECU at all

He thinks if the red light engine management light goes off (which it does from time to time) - you maybe able to get comms - which I originally did to get the DPF fault code

Any ideas anyone - the only thing I have done on the car recently is change the wiper arms and motor as they were stuck but that was a good few weeks before these problems all seemed to start together - after the car had a bit of a fit and would not start - when it did start the fuel gauge was low when the car was actucally full of diesel - although slowly that sorted itself out

Anyway he did notice that the glove box light wasnt coming on in the garage so not sure if that linked in anyway

He has to get the wiring diagrams next - sounds like an expensive job to me!

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