J11 face lift battery issue

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Re: J11 face lift battery issue

Post by RiveriaMan » Mon Sep 07, 2020 12:47 pm


So you can add me to those that have had a new Varta battery also. My old FIAAM was starting to show issues for a while but breaking point was this Sunday afternoon when at a cross roads traffic light. Stop/start failed to restart engine when the lights went green. Luckily at front of que and on a hill so could coast to a convenient location to pull over and put hazard lights on. So AA got me started and home yesterday as have them through my bank. But today called RAC Explained to them 90mins later man & van arrives and even before doing his own checks on the car he got a new battery straight out of the van, and changed over and reprogrammed under Warranty. I guess the recent Which Survey and Media Coverage probably helped matters with my just under 3 year old car. So like Dave maybe I will now fall in love with my new Varta
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