Hello. Am new and need advice re: dashcam fitting

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Hello. Am new and need advice re: dashcam fitting

Post by WayneMcMillan » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:44 pm


I thought I would join this forum, as I came across it in a Google search for advice on hardwiring a dashcam. Thought I'd introduce myself, I am Wayne, from Leicester and am a self employed British Sign Language tutor working at the Uni of Leicester.

I recently purchased a Qashqai last month, 2016 N-Tec+ 1.5 dCi Ink Blue and love it.

Recently, I had Halfords fit a Nextbase 512G dashcam to the car and despite my asking for it to be permanently live so I can use the Motion Detection feature (Parking mode). Unfortunately he didn't do it, and connected it to ignition live. I have not had a chance to go back yet and ask them to correct it. Curious to see how he wired it, I had a look he has wired it to the small fuse box on the driver's side, rather than the main fuse box behind the glove compartment! Is the dashcam supposed to be hardwired to the small fuse box at driver's side? It's seems to be for audio and CVT. I am not technical enough to move the wiring to the other side and connect it to the main fuse box. I want it permanently live, but I am not sure if it needs to be moved to be behind the glovebox or simply slot it elsewhere in the small fuse box? Halford's have buggered this up :roll:

I don't know how to figure out which fuse is permanently live.

Should I go back and ask them to correct it? It was fitted in Tiverton, Devon while I was away with family for Christmas and we are now back home in Leicester. I hope Halfords will be willing to correct the mistake and move it to glovebox fuse box.

Any advice would be appreciated!


This is where he has hardwired it, as pointed out.

IMG_4514 Medium_zpsgvywm5el.jpg

This is the fuse box where it should be been done. But which one is permanently live?
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Re: Hello. Am new and need advice re: dashcam fitting

Post by gvmdaddy » Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:38 pm

Use the search button at the top of tye forum. This is a well documented subjuct with loads of good photos. Also check out posts on fitting a tracking device as that utilises a permanent live also.

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Re: Hello. Am new and need advice re: dashcam fitting

Post by aussiebob » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:49 am

It doesnt really matter which side/fusebox the dashcam is connected to at the end of the day.

If you can find an appropriate power source in the fusebox it's wired to, then just rewire it to that. Only if you can't find an appropriate always on power source in there, then you'll have to get it rewired to the other side.

I wouldn't bother getting it moved to the other fuse box just for the sake of 'other people on the internet wired it to the other fuse box'.

It's not particularly difficult to identify and rewire it, but if you're not confident in rewiring it, then yes definitely take it back.

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Re: Hello. Am new and need advice re: dashcam fitting

Post by DaveBerlin » Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:25 am

Wayne, as gvmdaddy has already mentioned did you try the "Search" area because there are loads of facts here in this area on this subject - Dave ;)
For example this one :
viewtopic.php?f=29&t=42398&p=39374&hili ... cam#p39373
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