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Post by Ferrarimarty » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:40 pm

Just purchased my first qq and very pleased it. Bought it for its economy but actually impressed with its performance - surprisingly good, especially in 3rd gear. Its a 64 plate 1.5 dci n tec plus and it looks great in storm white. However after picking up the car, discovered a lot of receipts in the glove box with various previous repairs that were not there when I was looking for the service history at the garage. Most are minor however one is a biggie - a new turbo was fitted 6 months ago at 37000 miles. The car is now at 39k and running very well - should I be worried by this? The repair was carried out by a Nissan Dealer guaranteed for a year and all hoses etc were replaced at the same time. Not sure what the reason for turbo going is, but suspect that as the previous owner was an elderly lady that the car was only run for short journeys and that the DPF clogged up.

I got a 3 year warranty with the car from a main dealer so not overly concerned but any advice would be appreciated. Have also had a warning briefly appear relating to start stop system in the first 2 days of ownership but not appeared since and understand this is a common fault usually down to the battery. The car has been sitting on a garage forecourt for a while so suspect it may be down to lack of use but will keep and eye on it.

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Post by Noddy1875 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:01 pm


Not sure you would need a new turbo for a clogged dpf, maybe it was something else. Atleast you have a receipt & warranty for the car.

Check to see a you have a fiamm battery, as they seemed to be the dodgy 1's.
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