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Hi all

Post by Arikar » Thu Apr 23, 2020 1:32 pm

Hi community, my name is Michael, I'm from Virginia.

Im new to mobility, i have been looking at the Nissan QQ Tekna but the AP is putting me of, but when i look around for something along them lines nothing else can match it. Hope for your useful advices, becouse I plan to get a payday loans in Virginia online and don't want to waste my money.

Why i like the QQ it has alll the safety that you could wish for in a car, and i need something like the QQ as it would be easy for me to slide in & out off, been looking at some standard cars but they just seem to low and i just know its not going to be easy to get in and out, not only that i have a dog and i dont want to put him on the back seat as it will reck the car,, this adds to the point of getting QQ as he could go in the back with a dog gard up.

I have a mate that works at Nissan and he is a salesmen, and top one at that.

I know if i went for the QQ he would add alot to the car for me,

Any input would be good, good or bad, i can take it lol

Good points about the QQ

Bad points about the QQ

And not related question, i'm looking to add on a OEM y-pipe from either one on my M35. It's a direct fit, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if they are different in piping diameter from a 350z HR and a 370z? Did they just use the same oem piece without any changes? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Hi all

Post by DaveBerlin » Thu Apr 23, 2020 4:31 pm

Michael, firstly welcome to the Forum. It is very difficult to get exact feedback on the QQ as there are lots of Pros & Cons depending on the Owner of the QQ. I would recommend if you have time to take a look at previous posts or use the “Search” Area.
I have attached some information on our new QQ which might help or might even be boring. This is our 2nd QQ and personally I like them and the New Model with the new 1,3L Engine / DCT Gearbox is at present excellent, but we do have the Tekna + ProPILOT which has virtually all the Bells but costs. But as you mentioned you do get a lot for your money if you do comparisons. If you have a friend at Nissan you can most probably get a good Deal, then you are correct there are a lot of extras that can be installed of which we have done some. At present for me no bad points, if you need more help then just ask the Forum or use a PM ( private message).
Your reasons are normal for the coming of Age members and yes we made the same decision an SUV is ideal for entering / exiting as it saves you falling in and climbing the Kerbs to get out 😋 there are also Dog Guards available - Dave 😉

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