New car Query

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New car Query

Post by Missjmd » Mon May 25, 2020 5:05 pm

Does anyone know if the “false floor” ( sorry I don’t know correct name of it ) is this standard in all new models . ( registration on a 20 plate .. signed for in March )

The thing you can move so makes the boot a level entry , with no drop down

Sorry if my description is terrible


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Re: New car Query

Post by DaveBerlin » Mon May 25, 2020 6:01 pm

Missjmd, welcome to the Forum ! According to the Broschure information see below this Board System is available on the N-Connecta Up. Before you make a decision and outlay I would suggest a Dealer visit and just ask what you get and what the options are for your money - Dave


I am sure you will find this space is there because this is where the “Gunk” / Pump for Punctures are stored with First Aid stuff generally. Also a Spare Wheel can be housed there in preference to the Gunk but costs. There is generally a Soft Cover and over that the 2x Hard Board. Just the “Boards” might be missing, see above note. This Boards can be purchased as well as the Dividers.
Normal 2x Board System :


Floor Dividers extra #KE965-4E0H0 :


Front Board Open :


This might be of interest : ... qai_UK.pdf
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