Nissan Ariya World Debut

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Nissan Ariya launch delayed

Post by QaiFan » Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:23 pm

Nissan Ariya launch delayed ... steld.html ... hiptekort/

Nissan has decided to postpone the launch of the Ariya, its first all-electric SUV,
due to the semiconductor (chip) shortage that has plagued car production for months.

The worldwide chip shortage does not only affect the production of existing models,
it also disrupts plans for the coming cars.
This forces Nissan to postpone the market launch of its all-electric SUV Ariya in Europe and the US.
There is talk of a delay of 2 months, but that period is not definitive.

Not before 2022

Asako Hoshino, executive vice president of Nissan, said the Japanese launch of the Nissan Ariya
has been postponed to winter, without specifying when.
That means US and European customers will have to wait until the first quarter of 2022,
at the earliest, to receive delivery of their electric SUV from Nissan.

European frustration

For Nissan, the delayed launch in Europe is particularly frustrating as the market on our continent
is most in demand for this new electric model, Nissan's first since the Leaf,
which has been on the market with us for almost 10 years now.
For Nissan, the Ariya is also the first step in a major relaunch strategy,
expanding its range with 12 new models over the next 18 months.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic still raging and the shortage of electronic chips affecting
the auto industry worldwide, this plan could be jeopardized.
Very bad news for Nissan, which is relying heavily on the Ariya to boost its bottom line.
The Nissan Rogue (the equivalent of the Qashqai in America) has been well received and is also selling well,
but the Ariya should spearhead the Japanese brand as a demonstration of its technological know-how.

40% of manufacturing costs

Modern cars are full of electronics, and this is even more the case for electric cars,
where even more systems are managed by computer science rather than mechanics.
As a result of this technological dominance, 40% of a car's manufacturing costs come from these electronic systems.
That's more than double compared to the early 2000s!

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Re: Nissan Ariya World Debut

Post by DaveBerlin » Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:22 pm

Once this sort of News breaks it shows up everywhere. But there is still no mention of a QQ Delivery Delay due to Chips although these facts are Ariya related - Dave 🥴

Nissan postpones ‘Ariya’ launch due to lack of chips : ... k-of-chip/

Nissan Delays Release of Flagship Electric Car Amid Chip Crunch : ... hip-crunch
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Re: Nissan Ariya World Debut

Post by QaiFan » Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:53 pm

Indeed DaveBerlin, I don't think it will impact the new QQ or we should have heard about it by now.
The reviewers, reportedly, already got to drive the cars but of course ... this does not always mean mass production will go
as planned.
Nissan, most probably, has pre-ordered the needed (QQ J12) computer chips for a long time and now has eveything ... ready to go into full production !

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Re: Nissan Ariya World Debut

Post by gloucester » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:07 pm

Production versions appear to be in showrooms in Japan.

Some unseen elements here. Boot floor looks very high and thus the boot's shallow. Powered tailgate.

However you have to manually raise the bonnet and prop it! And don't go looking for a trunk - it's full of electrical gubbins.

Infotainment appears to be very responsive.
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