Steering Wheel Locks

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Steering Wheel Locks

Post by DaveBerlin » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:53 pm

As you all know the position regarding the “Intelligent Key” problems is still there and there is no reaction by the Manufacturers to improve the situation. We are planning a trip to the North of Germany and the resort is very near the Polish Border. Being a little concerned I decided to take a look at Steering Wheel Locks and the best two that came up were the Stoplock Pro & The Disklok. After assessing the Tests and reports we decided to go for the Stoplock reasons are below, so know we have this Big Yellow thing available to stick in our Steering Wheel - Dave :D



As vehicle security systems have become more sophisticated, many criminals have resorted to stealing car keys, while sophisticated gangs even hack into keyless entry systems, unlocking and starting vehicles remotely. Using an anti theft steering wheel lock for your car is one of the best ways to keep your car secure. Not only does it act as a deterrent to any potential thieves, it is virtually impossible to remove without making excessive noise. Now that relay crime is becoming more of an issue, physical anti theft devices such as the steering wheel lock are becoming as popular as they were back in the 1990’s.

Stoplock Professional is a robust physical and visual deterrent to car thieves, significantly reducing the likelihood of your vehicle being broken into or stolen. It continues to receive approval, Category 3 by Thatcham Research, an independent body which assesses vehicle security systems for the car insurance industry. It fits quickly and easily to your steering wheel, locking the wheel in place and making your vehicle exceptionally difficult to drive away. It is also easily removed when you want to start your journey, keys are provided.
It has been around for 20 years now, is ’fully attack-tested’, has a 10-year guarantee, up to 10,000 key combinations, and is suitable for most vehicles. It is easy to use and store and the slender design of the Stoplock Pro gives it a clear advantage over the bulky Disklok. It looks very similar to other steering wheel locks, but the Stoplock Pro is very tough, with case-hardened parts and with tools took over five minutes.
To defeat it took time and generated a lot of noise and the Pro has an advantage over other Stoplocks, because it would require two cuts in the steering wheel to remove it that way. Along with its ease of use, the fact the Stoplock Pro costs half as much as the Disklok adds to its appeal.



The Disklok does have the edge on security, but it is heavy and awkward. Stoplock’s Pro is far more user-friendly and at half the price. The Disklok is a premium anti theft steering wheel lock that covers the whole of the cars steering wheel. It is available in three different sizes. It has a patented design that spins when someone is trying to remove it and will also protect the airbag. The package comes with three keys and has an excellent three year mechanical warranty to provide the buyer with peace of mind. To prevent criminals attempting to drill out the lock, the locking barrel is hardened with anti drilling and anti pick design qualities. The construction of the Disklok uses hardened steel and weighs 4KG and will withstand multiple attacks. It is a Thatcham approved steering wheel lock with excellent anti theft features. The two main drawbacks are the price and potentially being hard to store in the car when not in use but these are minor. The Disklok is the best steering wheel lock you can buy to protect your car from being stolen.

Some more Facts on the Testing : ... o-buy-2018 ... heel-locks

Just a Video example :
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