13 months 12500 miles in

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13 months 12500 miles in

Post by catnash » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:50 pm

Well its been over a year since I got my used Qashqai Acenta smart vision 1.2. As my wife is looking to change from my 13 focus zetec s, again petrol started looking at cars (as you do) cars on the list

New 3008, 1 car that appeals a lot to me, that dashboard would be a very nice place to be, however 3 year warranty and probable depreciation would be higher, but it is one very nice car. BUT Expensive. I really arent into PCP deals.

Sportage, madly I like the looks, the NHS discount is appealing esp 7 years warranty, come on Nissan. However if it were for the Wife then her mileage still at 14k miles would cover diesel/petrol however the cost of yearly rfl is expensive, in petrol and poor mpg. A very rough petrol engine doesnt drive as nice as the Qashqai.

Huyndai Tucsn looks nice and again 17% NHS discount drops the price, however it would be second to the sportage. 5 year warranty....

Toyota Ch-R, weve had Toyotas before and the reliabilty does appeal, know a ex-Toyota mechanic. I've looked at the C-hr and it has been ruled out sadly as the rear is not child friendly, it is not a nice place to be in the back, claustrophobic and dark. and the kids couldnt reach the handles...

Ateca, sorry but its not 'striking enough' very dull inside like all German cars-even though my wife has had two Beetles, every time I sat in VW's it just made me wish for more, I had a civic and that was a nice place to be hence why that Peuugeot is some cabin.

So back to my petrol Qashqai, I wont say its been fault free- A trim replacement under warranty, a weird steering angle reset now has the steering back to normal after a tyre change. Just booked in for a water ingress work in part I think due to a tow-hitch fitment. only 3 year warranty, shame I cant get an extension to warranty like we've got for the focus.

I only know four people with Qashqais. 2 j10 and 2 j11, the two j11 have had warranty work 1 axle and 1 broke down within a week.

The thing is the Qashqai is a brilliant car, comfortable and quiet, its probably going to be another used 1, whether it be a Tekna or similar, its very confusing with diferent names. I just wish that Nissan would improve their customer service, I havent had problem with them though. However I'm on a few forums and all cars have their problems, always will be posts of 'lemon' cars.
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Re: 13 months 12500 miles in

Post by Lisa500 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:34 pm

I'm in a similar situation as yourself, I really liked the qashqai we looked at it last year as our mainly family car but it was too small so went for an a4 avant now I'm looking for a second car and looking at the qashqai again.

But on the list is the 3008 suv and ateca, both are out of my price range to buy new but hoping to see what ex demo prices are for the 3008.

Issues with the the qashqai has really put me off it, it will be a second car which will do most of my weekly drive to work total about 300miles per week so needs to be reliable and I'm hoping to keep it for a very long time.

So I've researched and don't know what to do, if nissan we addressing the issues people have been having then great id go for it but reading on here and elsewhere their customer service seem very poor.

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Re: 13 months 12500 miles in

Post by Mark46 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:52 pm

Interesting comments regarding the reliability of the QQ and customer service.
I have only ever owned one other new car which was a Skoda Fabia vrs, it wasn't without it's problems but the difference I have found with the Skoda and the QQ is that the Skoda's teething problems seemed to all happen within the first 12months and were swiftly corrected by the dealers, I owned the car 5yrs/75k.
The QQ problems continue after 26mths/18k (chassis control system fault today) and the dealer isn't so swift to resolve things.
It's a shame because I really like the QQ, but it scares me to think what I will be dealing with after the warranty runs out.
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Re: 13 months 12500 miles in

Post by montimar » Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:07 am

It's interesting reading this post from people who have the same reservations as me regarding long term reliability and inept Nissan Customer Service.
I have had my car from new and it will be 3 years old next month. I have had a few quality problems but nothing major except for a failed Fiamm Battery which left me stranded a number of times ( replaced at my cost ). My dealings with Nissan CS made me realise they are not fit for purpose and left me worried about what would happen when the Warranty runs out.
With this in mind I have decided to move on to a new Lexus and hopefully better reliability and Customer Service.
I've enjoyed the QQ but Nissan should address there attitude to Customers and the niggling reliability issues. It is a good car that should have been a great car. Maybe I was expecting to much.
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