Reoccuring engine managment light

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Reoccuring engine managment light

Post by Wiggle » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:50 pm

So here we go... three weeks ago on a drive in France after putting deisel in the amber then red engine managment light came on knocking out the chassis system fault and blind spot and driving assistance parts such emergency stop.

Got towed to a garage and fault code was po471... cleared and all okay for 2 days... then off to another garage where cleared same fault and blew down the pipe and replaced exhaust pressure sensor....

On way back home all came up again. Since then these errors have been coming on and going off when diesel is added in UK to when slow down and accelerate.
Car has been back in garage and has had a dpf regeneration and still fault has come back showing Po471....

They have advised they want to look at the dpf filter now at 3 hours labour and they it's a very delicate area... any thoughts please before I chuck more money at it with no end in site.

2014 Nissan quasqui 1.5 deisel.

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Re: Reoccuring engine managment light

Post by Qashowner » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:23 pm

Try here viewtopic.php?t=4994 This showed up after a quick google. May be your problem as the code relates to exhaust pressure sensor problem.
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