First time taking my new QQ Tekna on a long drive!

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Re: First time taking my new QQ Tekna on a long drive!

Post by Philguk » Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:39 pm

When we bought our QQ, the sales guy did mention that the cruise control AND the speed limiter ONLY control the accelerator - the brakes are ALWAYS the drivers responsibility

So we were warned

But looking back, the cruise control on our old Primera (the version with the radar to maintain distance from the car in front) certainly DID control the brakes as well. We know that as SWMBO hated the feeling when the car braked - it was never gentle!

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Re: First time taking my new QQ Tekna on a long drive!

Post by Stevethegreatgolfer » Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:45 am

Regarding the lag question, it is a characteristic of CVT gearboxes (well a characteristic of the Nissan CVT anyway). Mine has always done this, I've just learned to allow for it when pulling away. There are times when I would have gone in any other car, that I just wait for the next gap instead.
However, from what I've learned in this forum, the lag isn't the same for everyone, some are worse than others.
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Re: First time taking my new QQ Tekna on a long drive!

Post by 298 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:25 am

I used to use Cruise Control in a 30mph limit, but after a fright when braking to go round a junction then accelerating up a hill without realising I was then " going a bit over the limit" with what appeared to be a Mobile Camera Van looming ahead.

So now I use the speed limiter for short journeys, CC is ok but won't know to back off before going downhill or accelerate before going up one as a proper driver might. I surprised myself at the weekend by using it at a continuous speed on a motorway for about 40 miles, it's usually only worth having if you're the slowest or fastest vehicle on a quiet road as otherwise you're invariably changing speed all the time.
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cvt slow take off at roundabouts?

Post by brianthelian » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:49 pm

i have 1.6 tekna auto june (7 speed) 2015 with 6500km on the clock as a reply for the slow takeoff at rounderbouts after a ford focus 1.6 auto i was afraid to pull out at the spanish rounderbouts i took the car to show the slow responce yo nissan -- and in my opinion it was, but now i dont notice a problem anymore perhaps the system is made that way when running in because its responce is much better. i allways keep the eco mode on perhaps the computor adapts anyway i dont worry anymore. also in a traffic que it backed off and a slight gentle accelerator it jumped like there was play in the transmission it was horrable to drive but that has corrected itselfe as well hope this helps the newbies as i have put the "milage" as a ref, regards Brian Torrevieja.

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Re: First time taking my new QQ Tekna on a long drive!

Post by jamiroQQ » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:02 pm

ImoT wrote:
Sat Mar 12, 2016 7:49 pm
So today I took my brand new QQ on a trip to Gloucestershire (about 2 hours each way). I have to say overall I am very impressed, auto high beam was a particular highlight! We tried out as much as we could, and just have noticed the following slightly ‘negative’ things;

- Cruise control - overall it is fantastic. It maintains the set speed uphill which I am impressed with. However downhill it fails completely. Even though it still is shown as being set (ie. the icon on the screen is green), downhill the car completely runs away with us and does not stop unless you press the brake. We had a look in the manual and it does say that cruise control isn’t the best when it’s hilly but this seems quite dangerous?

-DAB radio - better quality than FM when it works! However it spends most of it’s time cutting out. I know there is a software update linked to DAB radio failure so have said that in my email to Nissan.

- Slight acceleration lag - overall the acceleration is pretty good and overtaking is easy. However when I was going from a standstill (e.g. at a roundabout or junction) there was a good few seconds of lag between putting my foot on the accelerator and actually moving! Is this normal?! If so it’s just something i’ll have to get used to.

I've emailed the sales guy I dealt with with my thoughts and am awaiting a reply. I've also done some searching on here and it appears the acceleration lag could just be a feature of the CVT QQ? The DAB radio seems to be linked to a software update. I couldn't find any info on the cruise control downhill though so if anyone has any comments on this (or comments about anything else) please let me know.
Hope you have better luck with you Dealer or indeed Nissan I have had a multitude of faults for 3 years on our QQ 1.6 DCI auto and nothing was ever done.
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Re: First time taking my new QQ Tekna on a long drive!

Post by Hound » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:08 pm

I also tend to use the cruise control as a speed limiter (I've never learned how to use the actual limiter) and like any car I've owned, it will go faster when pointed downhill - I just keep an eye on it. I should really use the limiter! Never had lag on my CVT, but I have the 1.6 dCi which has a fair amount more torque than the 1.2 petrol (236ft/lb vs 140ft/lb). Acceleration's always better with Eco mode off too. I've always had sketchy DAB reception but it works 75% of the time; software version is D502.
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