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service & auto handbrake

Post by scimitargtc » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:07 pm

well, had first service classed as a major done last week on my 2016 tekna xtronic - asked lookers leeds to reprogram the handbrake so it comes on when switching off as well as releasing Yeehah - they did it no problem and it works - hardly ever remembered to use the handbrake as when she's in park its pretty locked up anyway but i'd got used to it on my c4.... however 1 issue i am waiting for a response on is mileage - when we bought her sept 2016 the service book had as stamp by lookers at 6600 25/7/16 presumably when they took it in. now there is a sticker on that page with the same date but mileage of some 14398 yet recorded mileage at this latest service is 14252 about 150 LESS than a year ago !!!!1 WTF????
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