Positive comments anyone?

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Re: Positive comments anyone?

Post by DaveBerlin » Thu May 14, 2020 2:36 pm

Peter, regarding the USB Outlets in the rear of the Armrest, these appear to be an option to order, in our Tekna + these were installed as Std. I have mentioned to Nissan the omission of these Vents and also discussed with our Dealers Service Mgr. the possibility of installing a “Nissan” Air Con Vent System as a modification, but this appears not be available as a “Kit” and the cost is the problem. In the US the Rogue Sport (Japanese Built QQ) does have this option.
If you are interested in having a “DIY” option for the Vents / USB Outlets take a look at Niek’s video in this attached post :

I installed air vents for the back seats : viewtopic.php?t=8867


German / Nissan Part No:


X-Trail Air Con Vents :



And then the Sunglasses Holder : viewtopic.php?t=4198
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Peter Rice
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Re: Positive comments anyone?

Post by Peter Rice » Fri May 15, 2020 6:25 am

Watched the video, I like the interior of my car too much to attempt that....I just know it wouldn’t look the same afterwards!

I suppose being selfish I will be in the front anyway 😀. My wife has her Audi, my 18 year old his polo, my 16 year old will start driving later this year (Covid permitting) which just leaves Mabel our 4 month old (cocker spaniel puppy) who I won’t let in my car yet.

I think I will leave as is!!
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