What Engine, am I making the right choice?

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Re: What Engine, am I making the right choice?

Post by richard_crl032 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:56 am


i understand your point.

however , sadly the 1.6 petrol does not come in automatic form .

for me , that detracts from comfort and safety to a very much greater extent than reserve of power .[/quote]

Hey Jack,

Sorry ..had been busy and missed your good info. Was not aware that 1.6 dig-T does not come with auto which is also great since I no longer have to wish for it .. haha.

Hope the diesel version 1.6 dci is not too far from the engine refinement of the 1.6 dig-T but I would not preferred any diesel engine after test drive the local diesel volvo s40 and Renault Kadjar ... no comparison and will only get worse with more vibration and noise with more mileage since fundamentally difference technology.



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