Alarm recommendations?

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Alarm recommendations?

Post by rebeccapm » Fri Oct 09, 2020 8:26 am

Our 2014 has been broken into 3x in the past 6 months, sitting in front of our house. Nothing stolen, just messed with. I think we need to install an alarm, as it was not fitted with one. Anyone have a cost-effective, easy to install solution? Thank you

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Re: Alarm recommendations?

Post by DaveBerlin » Fri Oct 09, 2020 10:33 am

Hi Rebecca, we had a 2014 QQ for 5 years with NO Alarm System as here in Germany they are not fitted (Country Nissan Spec).
It is most probably worth looking around on the Web to see what is what, I have attached a couple of reports you can look at. It might be worthwhile turning on the charm and visiting a Specialist just to see what is around and at what price - asking costs nothing.
On our New QQ it is still without an Alarm, but the Alloy Wheels have Wheel Locks, I use a Pouch to protect the Intelligent Key and having been using for some time a Steering Lock. The problem is these days that there is so much Electronic gear available on the Web which can be used to break into cars and if they want to get in Alarm or not they will unfortunately - Good Luck Dave 😉

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