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Sat Nav spec

Post by Sparkos » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:33 pm

Hi Guys,

First time post so be nice. I'm thinking of buying a Qashqai 2013 with low mileage. Only problem is price and the Nissan connect sat nav.

Can get what I want privately but comes with that worry of problems. Buying through garage puts the spec out of range.

So my question is, would it be worth buying accenta and then trying to upgrade radios to smart nav system? Is that even possible? Or is it work paying by garage top whack for n-tec spec and take the hit?

And before anyone mentions th accenta premium, they're hard to come but and not quite in 9500-10500 price range.

Buying a car is so stressful so any help appreciated.


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Re: Sat Nav spec

Post by rod9669 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:52 pm

How long are you planning on keeping the car for?


I wouldn't buy any 4-6 year old car- your 2013 car worth 10k now will be worth how much in, say 3 years time? 4k?

A brand new one can be had on finance for £238 / month over 3 years, limited to 8k/annum. This works out at a total of £8500 ish over the 3 years - without any worries over MOT's, electronic failures, DPF blockages, DMF collapses.

Remember, cars these days aren't meant to be fixed at home. A warning light on the dashboard, for say a tyre pressure monitor fault, will be an MOT failure

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Re: Sat Nav spec

Post by Hound » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:54 pm

Possibly the guy with the most knowledge on retrofitting the Connect systems and updating sat nav software is Black_Rojer. Drop him a PM.
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Re: Sat Nav spec

Post by Sparkos » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:35 am

Thanks guys. Sounds like retrofitting is more complicated than i anticipated. Might have to think that plan again. Maybe it's worth pushing the extra £6/700 for higher spec?

I'm curious as to the suggestion to not buy a used car rod9669?? We're planning to keep for up to six years minimum. The purchase is based around needing a decent sized family car, that's relatively reliable and has a good record hence the Qashqai. We've had the Note for six years and it's been fairly reliable. Failed MOT once on minor issue. Had regular service each year. It's the same risk as buying any car isn't it? Father-in-law bought a new Qashqai years ago and developed a gear problem. Garage wouldn't agree to cover under warranty under they took it to pieces to confirm if it was fair wear and tear. It was only 2 years old. Fortunately, it turned out ok but the risks are relatively similar.

In terms of depreciation, as soon as i buy new the depreciation is huge anyway. Can't afford the 20K it would be to buy new anyway. I've always bought cars that are a couple of years behind. As long as they've been well serviced then they are usually very reliable.

Preference i suppose....

Thanks for help guys. Always keen to hear people's alternative views as you always learn something new.


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