2012 QashQai seemingly possessed

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2012 QashQai seemingly possessed

Post by laurenlhen » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:47 am

Hello :)

I have a 2012 QashQai - Ntec+ if that is relevant.

To be honest, since I got it 3 years ago (it only had 20K miles on it) it has been an absolute money pit.

It's latest issue is that the electrics are playing up. The issues include:
  • If I lock the car with the keyfob the hazards flash for hours and the alarm goes off (even when the car is turned on).
  • The sat nav/radio console used to just turn off and reset whenever it felt like it, it has now completely packed in and there is no sign of life. Completely black screen
  • The car wouldn't turn on at all the other day. It needed a jump start and the battery is only 6m old. I've since had the battery checked and its all in working order
  • This one really is the least of my worries but the back window goes up at a snails pace

Has anyone else experienced similar issues and had a fix? It needs a new timing belt and the MOT is coming up as well and I'm just wondering how much money will be going into the QashQai pit.


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Re: 2012 QashQai seemingly possessed

Post by trout » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:55 pm

Think I’d get rid myself, my J11b is running very well touch wood, no issues, but when the warranty runs out in 2020 I’ll be getting rid.
My last diesel I think.

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