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Community Spirt

Post by BournemouthQQ » Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:32 am

Very strange tying to force community spirit and now what sounds like a purge? Surely the community spirit is built over time, not forced and edited into existence?
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Community Spirt

Post by SplanK » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:44 pm

There is no purge. Existing topics will be moved into the newer topics areas which are more suited for them. Some topics (mostly in faults/info areas) may need cleaning up/deleted where needed to ensure information is easily found but also to remove anything which has wildly gone off topic or turned into an argumentative rant, although I recently went through a number of them and to be honest, I have not seen much that needs doing.Agreed, the community will build over time by itself but it helps that the forum is well laid out in the first place. The current setup may have been ok during the initial build up of the forum, but as the forum grows the topic areas need to expand with it. I believe this will resolve a number of issues where people are posting in wrong sections, and also hopefully prevent thread hijacking. The FAQ sections should also prevent the same question being asked over and over. The only way for forum staff to "encourage" the community spirit is to ensure that its properly run, maintained and offers what people want and it should flow from there. I must admit, this is the first Nissan forum I have been on that feels a little "dis-jointed", but hopefully with the changes coming along, it should start to feel a better place to visit! One other thing, we are never going to please everybody. Somebody will always have a different opinion of running things compared to somebody else (this is why this forum was setup, somebody objected to paying for full access to the other forum so they setup this as a free alternative, as well as wanting a larger MK2 section)
SplanK2014-07-24 13:31:16
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Community Spirt

Post by jonceebee » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:55 pm

Look forward to seeing the new set up and hopefully it will be easier for everyone to participate in the correct area.I am also a paid member of the other QQ site and do not mind paying for access. I joined this one because I thought it was purely for 2014 J11 models as the other forum already caters for all the earlier models and can be confusing at times when searching as the earlier cars often come up in the searches.I hope we can keep the pre-2014 owners in a separate section as more seem to be appearing and if not careful the site could become as you say a little disjointed.Thanks for your efforts SplanK
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