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Electric window question

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 1:41 pm
by chrisneill
Hi all. I recently removed the window regulator from my 2011 Qashqai (pass side) to replace a broken clamp (not sure on correct terminology). All was working perfectly until the window glass came out of the 2 plastic clamps. I filled the two clamps with a grip silicone to hold in place, then replaced the regulator in the door. The glass is holding firmly within the clamps - no issues there at all. What is happening though is that when the window is sent down, the leading edge of the window (closest to front of car) is dropping slightly. When the window then is sent back up, it is not sitting flush with the top of the door (because it had dropped slightly in down movement). If I grab the window (from inside and outside) I can lift the leading edge up to sit square with the door frame. I cannot figure out what is causing the window to drop slightly, as the glass is set firm within the two clamps and the clamps themselves are secured well (via bolt). Any thoughts?