wobbling on acceleration

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Re: wobbling on acceleration

Post by Rogeshar » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:25 pm

thanks StuartSpanners! I am so glad I re-read this thread, I bought a 2.0 dCI 09 back in May and had an intermittent shaking when getting to between 50-65 but has been really bad recently especially on a trip on Sunday when going down the A64 when I thought the damn wheels were going to fly off.

Before I go ahead and get the garage to replace the dual mass, garage is going to replace the N/S drive shaft which we talked about during our hour conversation last night. It may not be it, it may need the O/S too, or may need the Dual Mass replacing or the Diff (please NO!!), but I have also had all wheels balanced as the dealer sorted my alloys for me and that was my first thought the problem was as the shimmying sensation is similar to wheels being out of wack.

Ruby (my car) is going into the shop on Thursday so fingers crossed after a nice shiny new N/S drive shaft she's all well again, I wouldn't mind but I don't expect to spend this money on a car I have had just over three months, not at all used to this as my previous two cars Mazda 323F and Toyota Celica Gen7 never had any serious issues.

I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks once again for sharing! x

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