Resetting my ECM

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Resetting my ECM

Post by StalkyJayBird » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:19 pm

Hello everyone, new member here currently at the end of my tether!
My problem is as follows;
I had all 4 injectors in my QQ fail. Garage sent these away to an injector specialist who confirmed this. I agreed for the replacement, (second car is essential with shift work), and that was that. New injectors were fitted and car was found to run poorly and idle badly possibly due to poor fuel pressure they said. Old injectors were installed again and problem dissapeared.

New injectors were checked and all ok. Programmed in and my car has been returned. Since then it runs so poorly, idles terribly and isn’t the car it was before it was repaired. The garage said they can’t do anything more because the injectors have been coded correctly and that after a 2-300 miles the car would have “learned” to operate with the new injectors, if this isn’t the case, then the ECM needs to be reset and that I’d have to go to the dealers. Ultimately my questions are(

1. Is this true? ( will the problem go after some driving)

2. Will a ECM reset solve the issue

3. Can I reset my ECM with a battery disconnect (probably garbage)

4. Any ideas how much this could cost me? (Money is tight after this massive repair!)

Any and all help/ advice would be gratefully received

Many thanks! :D
Nissan QQ 1.5dCi Tekna 2011 reg

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