QQ J11 Tekna 1.6dCi Random Braking / Power Loss

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QQ J11 Tekna 1.6dCi Random Braking / Power Loss

Post by reptile718 » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:19 am

Hello all,

I am new to the QQ forum however I have been looking around for the past few days searching for any similar topics to hopefully solve my problem without luck (forgive me if this has been discussed before).

Some background info, currently living in Germany (moved from the US) and recently purchased a used 2014 QQ Tekna 4x4 J11 with 6MT 1.6dCi with 66km on the clock. I am not new to Nissan since I have had a series of them in the states including: Maxima, Altima, Titan and 350z (imported, still have). So you can say I am a fan of the brand and find the styling very attractive.

For the past few months the driving experience has been great and I really like the look of the car and all its features with no issues to report except some minor complaints about the audio quality (non-Bose) and stepping down from a DSG automatic the manual transmission feels a bit clunky.

Moving on to my problem, for the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing what I can only describe as a sudden loss of power or braking feel. It is very random and happens only for a second or two then the car goes back to normal, sometimes it happens consecutive other times just once but never more than 2-3 times at once and mostly when I first start driving in the morning or on my way home from work (might have nothing to do since it also occurs when the engine has warmed up).

In this time no lights or warnings come on and no strange noises or bouncing around of the RPM needle. Immediately a few things came to mind: Oil and fluids (checked and normal), air filter (a bit dirty however normal), mass air flow sensor (slightly dirty, cleaned and engine response felt smoother however not the problem), inspected all cables and connections (normal, undercarriage as well).

Other ideas were a blocked DPF, water in the system or dirty injectors luckily I work for an automotive additive manufacturer that specializes in such treatments for professional workshops and OEM companies :D First I tried a concentrate diesel system cleaner which also aids to remove any water however this did not change the problem, second I tried a DPF regeneration aid which cleaned things up nicely however the problem persists.

I could check the fuel filter and maybe try to drain water manually however if this was the problem would there not be a warning of this on my dash? Also thought about a blocked fuel filter however in Germany the diesel quality is good and the car was not an import and spent all of its life in Germany.

Before going through the lengthy process of dealing back and forth with the Nissan dealer I bought the car from with a problem that randomly happens and for sure they will not be able to recreate :| I turn to you all for any advice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some things still to try: disabling all the driving aids such as: chassis control, lane assistance and active braking to see if it is maybe sensor related. Will try after work today.

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Re: QQ J11 Tekna 1.6dCi Random Braking / Power Loss

Post by alex90 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:56 pm

hello I write from Italy I'm also owner of qashqai 1.6 4x4 and I have the same problem someone told me that updating the engine control unit adjusts itself.

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