QQ 2014 1.6DCI Warnings and System Failures

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QQ 2014 1.6DCI Warnings and System Failures

Post by CakeDealer » Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:16 pm

Hi All,
I've been having quite a few issues with my QQ
2014 QQ 1.6DCI
Intermittently the dash board lights up like a Christmas tree.. sometimes one by one they'll go off again sometimes not..
Stop / Start fault
Chassis control system fault
System fault

Had a check of the OBD reader and there's a couple of errors..
P0471 Exhaust pressure sensor
P0380 Glow plug / Heater circuit "A"

But not sure if these are linked to the faults coming up on the dash.

Taken it to a few garages and left scratching their heads not knowing what the problem is.
One of them said I had a faulty battery so I have swapped that for another one (Halfords 096EFB)
This cleared the warnings for a short period but alas they all came back on eventually.
I'm guessing because as I switched the battery before hooking up the new one I drained the ECU effectively resetting it. However haven't managed to get the altinator checked yet.

The exhaust pressure sensor fault I thought might be soot blocking the pipe to the sensor so I removed that and tried to rod the pipe to clear the blockage, couldn't get all the way down because the pipe has a right angle half way around it and couldn't get the rod i was using past it. So blasted it with some compressed air.

Found on the forum some other QQ owners have had similar problems but turned out to be a wiring loom being nicked by a fan (poorly manufacturer design)
But can't seem to locate which loom they are talking about and said fan.

Anyone have any input would be greatly appreciated or any similar issues that they have managed to resolve?

Also if anyone knows where this poorly placed wiring loom is with directions or a diagram would be very much appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Re: QQ 2014 1.6DCI Warnings and System Failures

Post by gloucester » Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:38 pm

Welcome to this forum.

I@m not very technical but it appears a new battery needs coding to the car - was that done?

I've not read about the wiring loom issue previously on here.
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