2015 1.5 Diesel Power / Acceleration Loss

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2015 1.5 Diesel Power / Acceleration Loss

Post by new_horizon » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:28 am

Hi All

I bought a QashQai last April and it has been a brilliant car. In fact I've been singing its praises so much that perhaps I have jinxed it!

I was driving last week and noticed the car was more sluggish than usual at around 30 mph. It felt like the turbo wasn't kicking in properly. When I got it onto the motorway, I had my foot on the floor in 5th and couldn't get over 60 mph. This got worse when the motorway started to kick up hill.

I've put it into a friend of mine who is a mechanic and the following code is coming out of the Snap On code reader...

P1453 - Diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure Control Function

He has reset and regenerated the car and the problem went away on his drive home. Good as gold the following morning and it then came back on later the same day when he tried to drive again.

The symptom is accompanied by the loss of cruise control at the same time.

Has anyone seen this before or had any experience in what to do? The car has covered 43k and is used on a mix of long and short journeys but always goes on the motorway every day.

Any advice appreciated ladies and gents.


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Re: 2015 1.5 Diesel Power / Acceleration Loss

Post by lewisbryant » Fri Feb 21, 2020 11:26 pm

Seems like you may be suffering from one of the 2 hoses that come from your dpf to the differential pressure sensor splitting, it's usually the black one ,, to see it you need a mirror or a borescope to look down the back of the engine and you should see if its split as it will be surrounded with soot

Hope this helps

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