Winter Tips Continued .....

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Winter Tips Continued .....

Post by DaveBerlin » Fri Oct 23, 2020 12:04 pm

I suppose this might well be a bit boring for some, but really it is just a Post Reminder or Guide for QQ Owners that the Winter is approaching and based on Previous Posts plus updates - Dave ;)

I have attached a couple of the Previous Posts that IMHO are well worth a read as there are many points that might well have been forgotten - see attached
Winter Checks : viewtopic.php?t=1580 (Splank Oct14)

Winter Tips & Checks : viewtopic.php?t=3438 (DaveB Nov15)

Please remember the weather and Laws are a little different in Germany, but hopefully the content is still of interest. The Product Names quoted are also from Germany but normally available from Amazon, Ebay and the like :

1. Ensure that the Engine Coolant System has correct Additive for Low Temps.

2. Ensure that the Battery is Up to it as the Winter Time will find the problems so get it checked - Non Starter call RAC / AA. Check that the Battery Terminals are tight, not corroded, greased.
Check that the Tow Hooks are in the QQ just in case a Tow is needed.

3. Check ALL External Main Lights, Fogs Front / Rear, No. Plate, etc.... also check and clean where possible the Sensors & Camera Positions to minimize any Alarm / Bleeping problems.

4. Depending on Country Laws change over to Winter Wheels / Tires or M&S Tires for Safety or use existing Summer Wheel Combination. Here it is Law from Oct to Easter to have Winter Tire Combinations. Check the Tire Thread Depths, recommended Min here is 4mm, absolute Min 1,6mm and Winter Tires normally perform best when under 7*C.

5. Check the Spare Wheel (if Available) / Jack / Wrench etc are in the QQ and ensure that the Spare Wheel Locking Nut Socket and Plastic Wheel Nut Cover Remover are “IN” the QQ and not at Home !.

6. Recommend to Turn the Auto Closing Door Mirrors to the “OFF” position which means they will stay permanently "OPEN", this helps to prevent any mechanical / electrical damages if they are frozen in the CLOSED position. I also Spray WD40 between the Plastic Sliding Areas to help movement.

7. Lubricate all of the Rubber Door Seals on the Door Frames & Doors inc. under the Bonnet. This maintains the softness / suppleness - Products for example : Nigrin / Sonax / Einszett / Autoglym Rubber Protector.
I apply Deer Tallow from Sesam, (Other Products Nextzett Stick / Vaseline) to the Glass Window Tops where they fit into the Rubber Door Seals. If the windows do stick on frosty days, then it is wise to firstly just jog them or better still just wait until they are free.
Lubricate the Bonnet Locks / Rear Hatch Lock / try to lubricate the Bonnet & Fuel Tank Cap Cables and apply Nigrin Graphite Spray Powder into the Driver Door Key Lock.

8. Ensure the Winter Washer Fluid has been changed and the correct Solution Mix is used, normally Pure to -60*C / 1:2 -10*C or where necessary 1:1 -20*C, this prevents freezing of the Washer Jets / Water Pipes. A spare water bottle in the QQ also helps if the system freezes or the level goes too low.

9. Check that the Wipers are in the “OFF” position because when the Frost comes this will prevent them from being Sheared if Frozen to the Screen. De-Icer Spray should be available placed in the QQ and also available externally if required.
Before Driving Off Defrost, Remove Snow & Clean the Windows Inside & Out (usually by Law) and then apply for example I use Rain-X to the Outside, I find that the Frost / Ice is easier to remove with a Scraper using this. The QQ has enough Inside Air & Power (Air Con) to Blast around also.
If a Heated Screen is not Installed as a Std then use a Protective Insulated Cover to Cover the Screen and raise the Windscreen Wipers of the screen (Rubber can Stick and shear). Check the Wiper Blades for Splitting or Smearing and if necessary replace them.

10. Remove the Fabric Carpets and install Rubber Mats, recommended are the High Sided Versions (Nissan or WeatherTech – can be expensive !) as they retain the Snow / Sludge etc. I always place old Newspapers underneath them just in case the wet stuff is excessive but change them often.
Rubber Mats can also be used under the Front Wheels as a Starter Helper if stuck in Snow.
Our Nissan Dealer also recommends leaving the Panoramic Roof Sliding Cover “Open” as this allows the air to get to the glass and prevents any condensation or mould forming behind the cover when closed.

11. I also place from Henkel / Lidl W5 Dehumidifier Packs under the Seats as these tend to attract any moisture.

12.The Rear Hatch can close much Slower in the Winter as the Hydraulic Struts do not appear to be strong enough, so be very careful as you can get a “Big Headache” as the Hatch tends to Stop. I tend to clean the Piston Shafts along with the Bonnet Struts (if installed) and then apply some WD40.

13. Out here which might seem to some to be an overkill this is a recommendation, you never know if a critical situation is going to occur, such as an Autobahn Shutdown - Accident / Snow etc. Therefore it is wise to have available Battery Jump Leads, Snow Shovel, Gloves, Tow Rope, Soft Brush (snow removal), Flashlight, Warning Light, Triangle, Blanket, even Coffee etc... Chains are another option for movement in snow (if allowed) or an Autosock Set might be more convenient.

I am sure that there are points that have been missed but hopefully this was of some help……..
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Re: Winter Tips Continued .....

Post by Alan W » Mon Oct 26, 2020 9:28 pm

Cheers Dave, some timely reminders there and some things I've never considered.
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