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Post by Amsky999 » Wed Dec 15, 2021 10:26 pm

How much did need Nissan charge for the rear ABS sensor change?

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Post by Loobyloo » Sun Dec 19, 2021 1:11 pm

I have had this issue a few times and always due to foxes chewing through the sensor wires.
If the front wires are affected it also causes a fault with the gear change indicator.
I have not had a problem for a while since blocking access under the car but today had the same faults and either the fox found a way to tamper with it or the repairs have come loose.
It is a frustrating and expensive issue and costs around £120 to repair the wires, a bit more if the actual sensor also needs replacing.

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Post by Quexpo82 » Thu Apr 07, 2022 11:52 pm

It is a design fault with Nissan Qashqai of what they use to make the cables for the wheel speed sensors with.

Foxes have chewed through ours 3 times now and twice in 2 months. They’ve also done next doors quasqai in same period.

We have to put wooden pallets underneath the car every every night. This is a pain. They have plastic spikes on them but even this doesn’t give the car 100% protection.

I have video footage of them doing this.

It costs for £200 each time for the garage to repair. 8 times this has happened to residents cars in 2022. Total effing joke. Some loon of a neighbour feeds the foxes. It’s a living hell.

Also, foxes tend to go for vehicles parked on driveways. If you park in the road or over a kerb, they tend to leave car along. The flashing red preditor and high frequency noise emitting devices are useless.

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Post by Pandjh » Tue Jun 21, 2022 12:01 pm

So it was my 'turn' to get the Christmas Tree effect on the dashboard. Called out RAC expecting it to be the battery but that was fine. You'll need to take it to the main dealers they said... looked on here, found this thread and had a crawl about under the car looking for chewed wires. Nothing was chewed but I did spot the tiniest of wires not protected from the elements properly from manufacture that had corroded and snapped. Pressed the 2 ends together, started the car and all the errors had gone. Result! Paid an auto electrician to fix it properly and all's good!
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