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Need some advice ive got a 2015 nissan qashqai 1.2 dig-t edition qashqai ive taken my car to a mechanic and theyve said i have low compression in cylinder 2. When my recovery came original he said im only getting faults in cylinder 1 & 3 and all ill need is two coil packs.

My engine light has not come on and my car can start and drive for couple miles before losing power and say system failure.

Has anyone come across this before? Does this sound like i need a new engine? is it worth replacing ?

Single mum of 2 here and NEED HELP ASAP!!

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Sorry to be harsh but you have heard two guesses and there is little point in asking the forum to suggest more. There is no reason why an eight year old car should require a new engine. The car needs to be taken to a professional garage and a reliable independent one in your area would be the best bet.
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Welcome to this forum.

It's potentially bad news I'm afraid.

There are MANY reports of this engine failing. Please ignore roadster's comment " There is no reason why an eight year old car should require a new engine. "

Check out the massive topic at viewtopic.php?t=2780 - unfortunately it runs to over 800 posts but it includes all the relevant information.
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