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My 1.2 DIgi T is loosing oil fast, very worrying . Had its 1st service 20th April checked oil level when I got home as I had suspicions prior to service something was not right., level was near to max . Have done less than 900 miles and oil level is just at the minimum level , there is no visible loss of oil under the car ,no clouds of blue smoke from the exhaust, engine seems to be running ok .Local dealer has told me to top it up and bring vehicle in on 19th June , to have oil drained and a measured amount of oil put in so it can be monitored over a period.I would have thought that the service date and mileage coved since 20th April would have been enough evidence for the dealership to say bring it in immediately .ANY THOUGHTS OR COMMENTS.

Moderator edit (29/12/15):
For those first time reading this thread, there is a lot of information. The problem boils down to the following:

1. Poor build quality.
Nissan have admitted that a number of engines have incorrectly sized pistons (read: smaller pistons within larger bores rather than them being matched perfectly). This can cause oil loss of varying degrees. Some engines are being replaced due to this.

It appears that some dealers are testing engines via a compression test of some sort to identify a fault.

2. Bad engine mapping
It has been confirmed from Nissan that there is a new engine map available which can prevent loss of oil. It is unknown if this affects all engines, or specific range (see above). Currently unconfirmed reports that Nissan have altered the engine mapping to increase inlet manifold pressure at low speed/low power requirements which may prevent oil loss through the piston rings. I (SplanK) am awaiting information from my dealer regarding this issue.

It is believed that the theory of the suggestion that Nissan are going to lower the oil pressure is incorrect.

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Generally, all car use oil one way or another, some more than others. Although I suffered from 1L oil loss between new and 1st service. In fact, not checked recently and its been a month (oops!).
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Hi Splank
I appreciate oil is used or burned in one way or another, not sure what the amount is between max and min levels
But it must be about 1.5 litres I guess, and to lose that amount in approx 900 miles seems a little excessive . I did find a comment dated 2010 someone had the same sort of problem ,loss of oil , no visible leaks , no blue smoke etc.
It turned out to be broken piston rings .
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Min to Max is about 1L
SplanK2015-06-11 09:20:32
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if the piston rings are broken the oil burns in the compression chamber and as a result a lot of black/grey smoke.Important when you check your oil: the car is on a flat surface. LEVELLED.
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Mine was serviced about 6 weeks ago. It's about 4 weeks since i last check (lazy i know).I've just had a quick check and the oil level is still bang on the top mark.I lost very little over the first year also.Then again my car is relatively low mileage (under 7K) compared to many on here.Edit: Not Nissan but possibly helpful for you to get a scale of acceptable oil usage. VW have had issues with certain TSi engines going through oil at a rate of knots. I think they now publish "acceptable" oil consumption levels - which to me look pretty steep.
AlleyCat2015-06-11 11:21:24
Nissan no more...
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I have a 64 plate Qashqai 1.2 petrol and have had to add oil. I never had to add a drop of oil to my previous Toyota Verso in 7 years. Took it in today for its first 12000 miles service. Asked for oil loss to be investigated. Dealer called me later in the day to say that something was wrong and, under warranty,they will replace the whole engine! It appears there is an issue with some of these engines, so I'd get a second opinion. It sounds similar to my problem.
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Interesting.... thanks for the feedback. I *still* need to re-check mine!
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My 64 reg 1.2 dig-t has used 5 litres of oil in less than 2000 miles. I went to my local Nissan dealer, they said they could not do anything unless there is an oil leak, which there isn't. They said drive it for another couple of thousand miles, it may settle down. They admit the oil usage is higher than they would expect, but refuse to look at it.
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1300 miles,1 year - same oil from day 1. Oil stick shows oil level 5mm from minimum mark. Oil change due in 10 days so i am happy with my 1.5 dci engine. Best part of my QQ :).
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