Engine light flashing at 3000+ revs and speed limited?

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Engine light flashing at 3000+ revs and speed limited?

Post by fractal » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:37 pm

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a 2007 2.0L Petrol 4x4 Tekna QQ. The car seemed fine except a few small niggles which are to be expected for it's age but I'd only really done around town driving until yesterday.

Yesterday was the first time I'd taken it on the M-way and I have a strange issue, well strange to me. If I get and stay at 3000+ revs then I get the engine management light flashing and cannot accelerate any higher but will still drive at the speed that it started flashing at. As soon as I drop the revs down below 3000+ then the light stops blinking after a few seconds. If I keep it below 3000 revs then no flashing light no matter what distance. This repeated again today.

I have tried to read any fault codes using my OBDII and Torque but it isn't showing any current or historic logged faults. my OBDII is connecting ok as it's reading the other stuff e.g. revs ok and this same OBDII adapter used to read the fault codes in my Saab just fine. I know it's no tech II and it doesn't give the very important last 2 digits anyway but it's just strange that no codes are logged. I haven't yet tried to read any codes or had the OBDII even plugged in at the time of the flashing light but surely the ECU should store the codes anyway.

Any ideas as to what the fault could be and why I don't get any logged codes?

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