From Alfa to Qashqai

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From Alfa to Qashqai

Post by Ricky_B » Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:16 pm

Hello good people

I had an Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 JTS up until a few weeks ago. Spare parts are not in abundance to put it mildly so when the front suspension started sounding funny, I traded it in for a Qashqai.

I was struggling to choose between the 1.2 DIG-T 115 and the 1.3 DIG-T 140. I had a limited budget so it was either a 1.2 Tekna och a 1.3 non-tekna, and even then it was stretching the budget. I test drove the 1.2 Tekna twice and finally opted for it (2017 production, 2018 model). In the end, the extra price tag for a 1.3 was (for me personally) not worth it. The 1.3 Tekna was without question financially out of reach.

Anyway...despite my QQ being twice the car with almost half the engine compared to my old Alfa, I still think it drives nice. Feature-wise it's awesome :) I seldom pushed the Alfa anyway and I'm more of a cruiser than a racer anyhow :) Nice and steady does it...


P.S. I'm writing out of Sweden, Europe...UK has the best car forums anyway...

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Re: From Alfa to Qashqai

Post by DaveBerlin » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:42 pm

Ricky, firstly welcome to the Forum. We have a 2014 1,2L QQ Tekna and find this totally adequate at present for our purpose. The engine is quite, responsive (give it some Revs) and for us meets our needs, not a “Boy Racer” Vehicle but nippy enough and naturally totally different to the Alfa, but personally I think you will enjoy the QQ once you get used to its extras and handling - Dave 😊
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